Connecting Your Amazon Store

You can connect as many Amazon marketplaces as you sell and can have multiple accounts in the same marketplace. 

Steps to Connect Your Amazon Store

Step 1: Go to and add your Amazon store.

Step 2: Once connected, check your email, Amazon may send you an email to confirm our access. 

Step 3: If Amazon sends you an email, you need to click the button in the email before ShipHero can access your data.

The store is now connected. ShipHero will begin downloading product data which can take up to 30 minutes to download, depending on the number of products.

Additional Notes

  • ShipHero will link any imported products with matching SKUs to the existing product already in ShipHero. If the SKU does not already exist in ShipHero, a new product is created. 
  • If you have stock at FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) in Amazon for the product, you’ll see that on the product detail page.
  • Orders will come in like regular orders.
  • Typically, orders shipped will be updated in Amazon with the tracking information within 20 minutes.
  • If you have a non-Amazon order and have stock at FBA you can send the order to FBA to fulfill. You’ll see an Amazon FBA button on the order if it has items that are in stock at FBA.
  • If you use Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime when you ship a Seller Fulfilled Prime it will automatically use Amazon’s Buy Shipping API which is what’s required by Amazon. You can figure to use your own account number or Amazon’s number from within Amazon.