Duplicating Products in Shopify

Managing Products In Shopify

Shopify provides a number of options to allow you to create and manage your product listings in your store. Duplicating products is the fastest way to create many products.

TipUsing Shopify to Manage Products

Shopify is best suited for the creation of new products, and the management of how that product is displayed in your store. 

Managing Inventory In ShipHero

ShipHero focuses on the foundation of inventory accuracy. Once you've created your products in your store, then ShipHero will make sure any actions that affect the inventory of that product are tracked and updated across your sales channels.

Recommended Approach to Duplicating Products

ShipHero will import a product you've created in your store almost immediately. This can cause issues if the product listing is imported before you have completed the changes you need to make for that product.

To avoid any issue, create a template product and use the SKU "donotimport". Doing this will allow having an ideal product template to duplicate for the quick creation of new products. In addition, ShipHero will ignore importing that new product, until you've updated SKU to its correct value.