Setup Shipping Methods

You don’t want your warehouse staff to have to select the appropriate shipping method for each order, so you can map how you want each order to ship. You have 3 options you can map to

  • A particular shipping method – such as UPS Ground
  • The cheapest available option
  • The cheapest available option that will get to them within a certain number of business days.

When orders come in and are not mapped they come in as a Genericlabel, and you can choose which shipping method to ship by in the iPad, that looks like the below.

Make sure you have the carriers you want to be linked at

Now at, we can map our shipping methods.

In the example above we looked at all the Unmapped shipping methods, found our method of Free and mapped it to Cheapest Ever. This change won’t affect current orders. All new orders with the method Free will now have a shipping method of Cheapest Ever and in the apps, the packer won’t have to choose a shipping method, it will automatically ship via the cheapest method available. See below. For the method, we say 99 days for cheapest ever.

I can also map to a specific method. Below we will map to UPS Ground and we will also set a shipping cut-off

We set a shipping cut-off as 1 PM and said orders that come in before that day have a required ship date of the same day. You can map different cut-offs for different methods based on what you promise your customers and your business needs. For example, you can say orders with Next Day Air ship same day if received by 4 PM and orders with free shipping ship same day if received before Noon. Orders are sorted by required ship date, so you see the most urgent orders first and you can always ship orders that are not required to ship today earlier if you want. The dashboard also shows you all the orders that need to ship today based on the required ship date.

Wildcard Matching

You’ll see a field called  “use wildcard matching” by default do not check it. The field is used if you have many shipping methods that have the same word in it and you want to map them all to be the same.

For example, if you had shipping methods of:

  • Free Shipping – New York
  • Free Shipping – New Jersey
  • Free Shipping – California

You would make one rule for “Free Shipping – ” and use wild card matching to avoid having to map one for each state.